Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why are my nails thick?

There are several contributing factors to nail disorders.  Skin conditions, trauma to the nail from shoes rubbing, or dropping something on the toes can all contribute to the thickness.  After there is damage to the nail a fungal infection is easily acquired.  Resolving the fungus is difficult because it has a cell structure similar to our own so we can't kill them like we can bacteria.  We will be working with a lab to identify the infection and help guide treatment.  Treatments include periodic trimming to reduce pain, oral Lamisil therapy, and soon to come is a safe laser therapy.  Recurrence is always a concern so treating your shoes and using antifungal skin creams are also important.  Diabetics should always try to reduce damage from fungal infections to protect the skin integrity and prevent open sores.  All the more reason to have your feet evaluated by the doctors at Community Foot Specialists.
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