Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pregnant Feet

Today, we want to discuss the process of giving birth--namely, the nine months leading up to birth itself--and how that relates to and effects women's feet. As most mommy-to-be's know, the bulk of growth happens within the third trimester. Studies show that pregnant mothers who stand for long hours end up having smaller babies than mothers who do not stand for long. This is due to the growth cycle being stunted or slowed down.

We have many ways to treat and prevent your swollen feet. Although swelling is normal due to the weight gain from being pregnant, if the swelling is not symmetrical in both feet you should contact your doctor or a specialist--this may be signs of a vascular problem. Orthotic inserts are good for arch support and medial rear-foot postings. Remember that these should fit properly and comfortably. Also, shoes that do not fit properly can cause a cut off of the blood circulation.

Every woman loves shoes! Whether it be her high heels or her house slippers. But, pregnant mothers should put away their high heels during their pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should wear low to no heeled shoes to avoid any heel pain or falling.

Pregnant women often associate resting with being lazy or letting their pregnancy get the best of them, but in all reality, it is OK and, in fact, encouraged. A mother's feet should be elevated as much as possible. Be sure to message your feet to keep the swelling down. Some ways are going to the salon and getting a pedicure and, if possible, a massage. This not only helps keep the swelling down, but also helps pregnant women to relax and take their minds off of the (sometimes) frustrating transformation that they are going through.

Some pregnant women believe drinking less water will reduce swelling. This is not true! Drinking more water will relieve the body of any harmful toxins. Drink plenty of water; everybody should drink at least eight ounces of water daily. You should avoid any excessively warm places since high temperature climates can reduce the body's water levels. This will cause dehydration.
   Soaking the feet in soothing herbs will help reduce any swelling or stress you may have. Some herbs that are good to soak in are lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, birch, and peppermint. Also, use plenty of moisturizing lotions on your feet to prevent any painful cracking.

For many women the pregnancy can be very confusing and frustrating, we stress (aha!) the idea of relaxing and taking it easy during this during this time. It is often emphasized that you take care of yourself for the baby's sake, but don't forget that you are human, too. Do the things that you like; do not feel bad for asking for help, and enjoy the process as much as you can.

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