Thursday, May 29, 2014

So Basic It’s Simple!

Dr. Bridget Brondon

Our feet are an area of the body that is commonly overlooked until something goes wrong.  They are hard to reach, take a lot of wear and tear through the years, and are body parts that many people deem to be “gross.”  As a doctor’s office, we most commonly see patients who are actively having a problem or concern with their feet.  We love seeing our patients and helping you feel better, but what can all people do to reduce the risk of needing to visit the foot doctor?  How best can you prevent problems from occurring in the first place?

Here are some basic foot maintenance tips to keep you in tip-top shape:

  1. Wash your feet daily- Dirt, oil, dead skin, bacteria, fungus, sweat, etc. are all naturally found on all skin of the body, but because of where they are located, sometimes these can be in even greater amounts on the feet.  Cleaning with soap can help scrub the bad stuff away.  Don’t forget to clean in between the toes too.  This is a place especially susceptible to infections because of the friction created from your toes rubbing together.

  2. Dry feet well after washing- Excess moisture on your skin can cause it to break down and infections can occur.  Once again, in between the toes is very important as well.

  3. Check your feet every day- The faster you notice a problem and take steps to fix it, the sooner and probably better it can be fixed.  Same goes for your feet.  The sooner you notice if something is wrong (like bruising, swelling, redness, cuts, sores, scrapes, etc.), the sooner you can start to treat the problem.  If you can’t reach your feet or see the bottoms, try using a mirror or have someone else look for you.

  4. Apply lotion- As we get older, our skin has less moisture in it naturally and can dry out easier, especially in colder, drier weather.  Others naturally have dry skin.  If you notice dry skin on your feet, applying lotion every day can help.  Do not apply in between your toes, as that can cause too much wetness from the lotion.  Thicker creams/lotions always provide greater moisture, but any lotion is better than none!

  5. Soak your feet- For mild aches and pains, this can be a very easy remedy.  A warm-water bath with epsom salt can feel very nice.  Remember to check the temperature of the water before putting your feet in, as you can burn them if the water is too hot.  Also make sure that you apply lotion afterwards.  Warm water and the salt can dry out your feet as well.

  6. Supportive shoes- As often as possible, try to wear good supportive shoes with adequate cushion.  This will help to support your joints, ligaments, and tendons so they do not become strained.

As always, if you notice a problem with your feet that isn’t getting better, call our office to schedule an appointment.  We want to help you keep those feet feeling great and keep you comfortably walking on your way!

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