Friday, August 29, 2014

Is It Safe to Have Pedicures?

By Dr. Belinda Dotter

"Is it safe to have pedicures?"

Yes! As long as you consider the following things:

  1. Look around the pedicure area:  Is is clean?  Are dirty tools lying around?  When in doubt, change salons.
  2. Bacteria and other organisms (such as fungus) can enter your skin through any broken skin, so any scratches, bruises, scabs, wounds or abrasions should not touch the foot spa water. Or if you're unsure, better to postpone the pedicure until the skin has healed.
  3. Do not do the following 24 hours before the pedicure:  use hair removal cream, wax, or shave legs.
  4. Find out how the salon cleans and disinfects the foot spas, how they are maintained between customers. The foot bath and instruments should be cleaned and disinfected after each customer.
  5. Ask to see the disinfectant. Salons should use an EPA-registered hospital grade disinfectant.  If there is a label on the container stating "Hospital," "Medical," or "Health Care," then that product may be used as a disinfectant on surfaces in these environments.  You want the salon to use this type.  You may be labeled as a picky customer, but better picky than a foot infection.
  6. Pay attention to how much time is spent between customers on cleaning the foot spa/bath.  Most hospital grade disinfectants need 10 minutes to fully work.  If the cleaner is used then rinsed within 3 minutes then that foot spa is not considered disinfected.
  7. Do not use the foot spa if you are not sure it is disinfected and safe to use. Do not risk your health. You should report any problems to your state cosmetological board if necessary.

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