Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Question of the Month: I'm a diabetic, do I need diabetic shoes?


Question of the Month!
By: Dr. Thomas

Q: "I'm a diabetic, do I need diabetic shoes?"

A: That depends. Diabetics who are well controlled with their blood sugar, do not have toe deformities such as bunions or hammertoes, intact circulation to their feet as well as intact sensation or feeling in their feet, are at low risk and do not need diabetic shoes. Diabetic shoes are considered to be a necessity for those diabetics who have an at risk foot or a foot that could be in danger of developing a wound in an otherwise normal everyday shoe. These shoes are designed with extra depth to accommodate the foam inserts which are used to reduce chances of a foot ulcer on the bottom of the foot. Some patients may be interested in these shoes for the simple fact they believe they can get free shoes and the insurance will sometimes "pay for them". This is not the purpose of diabetic shoes. To determine if the diabetic patient is eligible for shoes, the podiatric doctor will perform a comprehensive diabetic foot exam first to check to see if the feet are at high risk for developing problems such as ulcerations. If the need is determined, then your doctor will do all steps necessary to see that the patient gets those shoes and that they are fit correctly.

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