Monday, October 22, 2012

Toenail Fungus in Dayton/Springfield, Ohio

Thick, discolored toenails are a common complaint amongst our Dayton/Springfield, Ohio patients. Many of our patients avoid wearing sandals or swimming because they are embarrassed by their unsightly toenails. This is a problem Community Foot Specialists is happy to help you fix!

A fungal toenail (or onychomycosis) is one of the most common conditions our Dayton/Springfield podiatrist sees. People who have weak immune systems (often times diabetics, HIV patients, etc.) are more at risk for a fungal infection of the toenail.

What does an infected toenail look like? A toenail infected with fungus appears to be thickened and a yellowish color. The toenail often times will appear to crumble or become flaky.

What happens if left untreated? If you do not treat your fungal toenail, your entire toenail may become discolored and eventually begin to lift from the nail bed, often times causing your toenail to come completely off.

There are medications available that provide a complete cure, however, the process can be a little slow depending on how infected your toenail is. The more you put it off, the worse it may get so instead of worrying; call your local podiatrist at (937) 426-9500 so we assist you!

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