Monday, February 4, 2013

Hearts & Heels: The Complete Guide For Shoes On Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, the mere image of wearing high heels is giving some women a spliting headache. On the other side of the tolken, this image is excitng happines and celebration, as women across the United States are going shopping for that one pair of high heels that will make them look like million bucks (maybe even two, who knows). Here at Community Foot Specialist, we understand that this can be a very nerve-racking or exciting time, so we preparared a mini guide for all women when it comes to Valentine's Day and wearing high heels. Here are some key points to keep in mind this holiday season:

1.)  High heels,as pretty as they may look, inevitably increase stress on the ball of your feet. Specifically for high heels that are two (2) inches or higher, every inch increases the stress on the ball of the foot by 50 percent!

2.) Buy the best fitting shoes (a sound idea for any kind of shoe). Try the shoe on and walk around for 15 minutes in the shoe store or at home to determine any friction or extra pressure.

3.) Invest on appliances such as metatarsal pads to provide better cushioning on the balls of your feet.

4.)   Wear open toed heel if possible. If you have any deformities such as hammer toes, this will prevent any pain due to the tightness around the toebox.
5.) Consider wearing comfortable shoes until you get to the event. Change into the sexy but possibly painful shoes once you arrive.

6.)  Wear a shoe with a thicker heel. The thinner the heel the less stability there is. You may look more elegant but much more clumsy!
7.)  Pay attention to the slope of the heel. They may be 4 or 5 inch heels but the higher or steeper the slope, the more painful the shoes may be. Pick a shoe with a more gradual slope from heel to toe.

8.) Buy shoes with square or rounded toes rather than pointy.
We hope that this guide can help you look AND feel the way that you want. For infomation regarding this blog or feet, in general, feel free to contact one of our doctors in any of our locations!
Information provided by: Dr.Belinda Dotter.

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