Thursday, February 21, 2013

Humpty Dumpt Had a Fall

To many of us the ending of February is similar to seeing the light (literally) at the end of the tunnel. Thoughts of the warm sun and beautiful sunflowers keep us trudging through the winter. Although these thoughts keep us going, reality reminds us that it will remain cold for a little while more. If you made it this far without falling or hurting yourself--due to winter conditions-- then, kudos. This week, we prepared a guide to help you survive the rest of the cold weather conditions. Here is our input on how to navigate through the wet, icy, sluggish, nasty weather:

1.  Walk like a penguin-- no, really though : On slippery, compact snow and ice, take short, careful, flat-footed little steps, spreading your body weight as evenly as possible across the entire surface of your feet.

2.  Know the snow you're walking on.  The riskiest snow to walk on is when the snow began to thaw, then ices over night.  Always be careful, even when it's above freezing and the snow is melting.

3. Choose the right shoes:  fashionable high heeled boots are just asking for trouble.  Pick snow boots with a deep, strong, rubber treat.

4. Use appliances:  poles, sticks, canes to help.

5. Or use a clamp on ice  grip or spray on snow grips on your shoes.  Inventions are nifty!

6. In the unfortunate case that you, like Humpty Dumpty, take a tumble, here is some further advice: 

           a. If you are Elderly, avoid falling on your hip and risking a fracture there.  Fall on hands--you may obtain a wrist fracture but that is better than a hip fracture.

           b. Younger folk should protect their heads and neck.  Use your non dominant hand if possible.

           c. Lastly,  Consider a bicycle helmet.  Especially if you're wearing the wrong shoes for the weather.  Yes it looks silly but better than a head injury.

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